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The Museum Building is designated a Grade-3 relic. In comply with its loading specification and to protect visitors' safety and visiting quality, please observe the following regulations:
  1. The building accommodates no more than 100 persons at a time. A curb will be effected to suspend admittance beyond 100.
  2. No eating, drinking, smoking, loud speaking, or running in the Museum building and no combustble or hazardous objects in the entire compound. Please follow guidance of Museum personnel and help keep the compound in order and clean.
  3. No photographing or filming in the Museum unless authorized.
  4. Please strictly observe KEEP HANDS OFF signs for collections. A violator who has incutted damage to the building, any facility, or collection dhall be responsible for compensation or even chatged.
  5. Unless accompanied by adults, children under 12 of age are not allowed to enter.
  6. For sake of safety, please do not enter areas marked with OFF LIMITS sign.
Museum Drinking Water Map
※Museum Drinking Water Map
A. The Aisle of Time Exhibition Zone
B. A/V Media Projection Room
C. Clean Water Pump Exhibiton Zone
D. Raw Water Pump Exhibiton Zone
E. Low Voltage Switch Panel Exhibition (underground floor)
F. Lead Tube Fabricator Exhibition Zone (underground floor)
E1. Leakage Repair Material Exhibition Zone (ground floor)
F1. Water Meter Exhibition Zone (ground floor) G. Air Ven Duct (underground floor)
Map Guide to The Museum of Drinking Water1
Map Guide to The Museum of Drinking Water2