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Taipei Water Park- Instructions for Visitors

Visitors are requested to show the ticket individually for examination of service person when entering the Park (Please keep the stubs)


In order to maintain the hygiene and cleanness of the Park, visitors are pleased to drop litter into trash can.


It is much easier to destroy than to grow trees, flowers and greens, please keep from bending/ cracking/ stepping on any of them.


To be safe and secured, no fireworks, dangerous item or pet shall be brought into the Park.


Without permission from the Park, no photo, film or video shall be used for any commercial purpose.


In order to maintain completeness of historical article / site in the Park, please do not damage any of them, and the related facilities.


Child under 12 years old shall be led and escorted by adult.


To be safe, do not enter any area with sign of "No Admission".

  1. Lost & Found Services
    • Visitor is requested to turn in any found item lost by other person to the service persons for checking and handling.
    • When you have item with you lost, please call the Information Desk of Ticketing Booth (or come in person) to complete "Application for finding lost item" for broadcasting.
    • When claiming lost items, visitor shall identify himself as the owner of the lost item. If claimed by delegated person, identification proof of both the claiming person and the owner shall be presented to claim the item lost.
  2. Broadcasting Services – for lost child or lost item
  3. Lease of premise –Prior application for lease of premise is required for holding event or taking commercial film and may proceed only if approval granted and charge paid. Please be very sure that no historical site / items or related facilities will be damaged.

Address & Tel:

Address: No. 1, Siyuan Street, Taipei City

Taipei Water Park- Instructions for Visitors
Instructions for Visitors to Aqua Friendly Experiencing & Education Area
Since the business scope and facilities in Aqua-Friendly Experiencing and Education Area are different from Taipei Water Park, there 2 separate tickets, visitors are required to present right ticket to service per sons for entering the Park.
Regulation for use
Please use the facilities offered in the manner as market and follow the instruction of the service persons to prevent any accident or injury from occurring .
Swim suit
For your safety and the cleanness of water, visitors are?? required to put on full set swim gear (incl. cap) before playing games in the indoor area; for out door area, swim suit is required before entering waters
No running/ chasing
The most frequent accident in water park is running /chasing. Please keep from running in the area.
No Food
The park offers clean and convenient food and no food from outside of the park is allowed to bring in.
Care about children
Child of 140 cm or shorter must be accompanied by adults for safety reason, especially when entering water area.
Physical conditions
Pregnant woman, heart disease patient, person older than 65 years, with hyper pressure, back disease or habitual disjoint are not recommended to sue skiing channel, except with the consent from your doctor.
No pet
In order to maintain the area clean as well as safeguarding interests of other visitors, no pet is allowed in the park.
Care about facility & equipment
Be careful in using the facility and equipment of the park, so that other people can use it, or your next visit.
Care about sanitary
Drop litter into trash can to maintain clean and comfortable environment.
Care about your property
For the safety of your carrying property, please use the slot-locker for depositing your valuable belonging. We shall not be held for loss of personal property.
Loss of locker key
If you lose your locker key, please inform service person. Locker is for rend in times of use, each time NT$20.
Care about your kids
As the Park is rather vast and it is not very easy to find a person. It is suggested to set a meeting point with your family or companion.
Safety control
For safety of visitor and the park, no fire, narcotics, weapon and ammunition, and other prohibited items shall be brought into the park
Weather clause
For the safety of visitors, the Park reserve the right to suspend offering of part or all the facility as dictated by weather.
Swimming gear
Visitors are welcome to bring swimming gear into the park. Blowing facility is available for free.

Inquiry Phone No.: 02-2367- 7556

Entrance: walk for 3 minutes from end of Lane 160, Section 3, Tingzhou Road, Taipei City