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Our Story
In fulfilling its social responsibility, Taipei Water Department repaired and restored Taipei Pumping Room since 2000 and set up Drinking Water Museum for viewing of the public. The 1st phase work completed in 2002, combined with part of space of Gongguan Purification Plant and renamed as Taipei Water Park to enlarge the services. Since the establishment of Taipei Water Park, there are many type of activities held every year, and the most attractive ones are Aqua-Friendly Festival in summer and Christmas Season in winter, and they have already become a beautiful and warm memory of visitors of all age levels. When Environmental Education Act was enforced since June 2011, Taipei Water Department appreciated that practicing environmental education is a good approach to fulfill obligations of a global citizen and it is also conforming to the existing mission of a business, so Taipei Water Department established "Taipei Water Park Environmental Education Center" and integrated existing resources to intensify and expand the interpreting services in the Park. In Feb. 6, 2012, Taipei Water Department was granted with "Environmental Education Facility Premises" certificate and pursuant to the requirement of Clause 19, Environmental Education Act, the Department holds Outdoor Learning Activities and provides Environmental Education Hour accreditation.

Special Features
Taipei Water Park is an environmental education facility premises with the theme of Water Resources Conservation. Other than the existing normally working Gongguan Purification plant in the Park for site tour, there are also Xindian River, the earlier water source, the civilian purification plant built in Japanese Ruling Period "Tap Water Source Lane Pumping Room (later Drinking Water Museum)' and Taipei Water Channel Source Land" and other historical site, Water Source Education Hall that open to the public free of charge and different types of Water Resource Programs suitable for various backgrounds and age groups. Also, in the Park, there is also Little Guangyin Hill, covered 5 hectares, which contains all kinds of native broad leave woods ecology of low latitude, which is allowed for Ecology Exploration. In the neighborhood, there are also Baozhanyan International Arts Village, Hakka Culture Theme Park and Riverside Bicycle Lane, together they offered various options for educational education.

Our partners
Taipei Water Park Environmental Education Center is equipped with, not only experts of every field of Taipei Water Department and well trained volunteer interpreters, making the provision of quality environmental education courses, the Center also cooperates with many NGO, including "Taiwan Water Resources Environmental Education Society", "International Jane Gould Education and Conservation Association", "The Jane Goodall Institute Taiwan" "Bats Association of Taiwan", and "Homemakers United Foundation" and is guided and assisted by Institute for Environmental Education and Department of Biological Science to ensure our continuing efforts for better environmental education.

Our Achievement
In view of global climate change, shortage of water resources and the ever increasing demand of green water supply around the world in the past years, Taipei Water Department has designated 2007 as Environment Year 1 of Taipei Water Department. Other than sponsoring "Green Miracle / Ecology 100 Carnival", joint offer of Shida Happy Biological Camp, "Taida Forest Camp", activities of environmental protection related issues, Taipei Water Park provided interpretation services in the recent years and 1304 courses was conducted between 2008 and 2011 and offered 77501 man-times interpretation services.

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