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From December 1, the Taipei Water Park Will Relax Measures to Prevent Epidemics Such as Wearing Masks in Line with Central Government Policies

Based on the announcement issued by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) today (28), considering that the domestic epidemic is slowing down and the epidemic situation of infectious respiratory diseases is becoming stable, in order to take into account epidemic prevention, economic and social needs and to maintain the domestic epidemic prevention capacity and effective risk control, after a comprehensive assessment of the epidemic situation, from December 1, the Taipei Water Park has appropriately relaxed epidemic prevention measures such as wearing masks in line with central government directives and the relevant regulations are explained as follows:

 1. The requirement that masks should be worn throughout outdoor spaces and outdoor venues has been cancelled. However, the mask requirement for the year-end/New Year's Eve large-scale outdoor events will be announced separately depending on the epidemic situation.
 2. When in public indoor spaces or indoor places (including the interior space of vehicles, ships, aircrafts, etc.), a mask should be worn at all times, but those who meet the allowable exceptions may be exempted from wearing a mask. 
 A mask needs to be worn at all times when in the Taipei Museum of Drinking Water and the guided tour of the Guanyinshan Reservoir. 
 3. Those who meet the following exceptions are exempted from wearing masks indoors, but should carry or prepare masks with them. However, those with related symptoms or those who are unable to maintain social distance from others should still wear a mask:
 (1) Engaged in sports, singing and taking individual/group photos.
 (2) Driving on your own with passengers who are family members living together or when driving alone.
 (3) During a live broadcast (livestreaming), video recording, hosting, reporting, making an address, making a speech, delivering lectures and other work or activities of a conversational nature.
 (4) In hot/cold springs, ovens, hydrotherapy facilities, sauna, steam rooms, water activities, etc. where the mask is likely to get wet.
 4. When consuming food or drinks outdoors, wearing of a mask is exempted.
 5. In indoor places or activities designated by the CECC or the competent authority, the mask may be temporarily removed if it complies with the relevant epidemic prevention measures of the CECC or the competent authority.
 6. Food establishments: canceling the requirement that toasting activities cannot be conducted from table to table.
 The CECC reminds the public that people with allergies, chronic illnesses, fever or respiratory symptoms are advised to wear a mask in crowded areas. It is everyone's responsibility to take precautionary measures and maintain good personal hygiene habits to protect themselves and others and to jointly maintain community safety. People who have not yet been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are urged to complete their COVID-19 vaccination as soon as possible to protect their own health and that of their relatives and friends.