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31-公館淨水場、慢濾池 Gongguan Purification Plant and Slow Sand Filter




The "Gongguan Purification Plant," originally the "Slow Sand Filter," has operations featuring many pools and motor rooms with different functions. In order to ensure plant safety, prevent algae propagation, and reduce chlorine loss, in 2009 the purification pool was covered and solar panels were installed atop. The panels can generate approximately 92.4KWp of electricity. Since the electric power generated is enough for the building where the main offices are located and also for other areas of the plant, the plant meets energy-saving and carbon-reduction objectives.

Since both the water and the sludge produced during the purification process can be separated and recycled i.e., the sludge can be processed and turned into bricks -- this water-purification plant is a 100% green plant with zero discharge.

The plant offers guided tours for groups with advance booking, making it the first to combine water resource and energy-conservation education functions.