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2021 Gongguan Xmas Season event inaugurating on 11/26 (Fri.) and you are invited to come to enjoy the florist decoration and lantern arrangement. You are welcome to take photos, check in, have fun and draw gifts.

Taipei Water Park is holding 2021 Gongguan Xmas Season between Nov. 26 and Dec. 31. The whole park is totally redecorated and for the first time, more than 1000 plants of Xmas Flower are used to build  the flower wall of Taipei Heart, Water Love and many other plants are employed to make up totems full of fun of children.
  The night scene is planned  at the theme of Happy Gift and accompanied with specially patterned flower beds and brilliant cloth lanterns for an integral visual effect. Whether close up or scene afar, it is a spot for check-in and it is good for families and friends to spend time.
    Along with events of the festival, as from Nov. 26, the Park will extend the opening hours to 8:00 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and the lighting decoration will be lighted up along with sunset time.  The above will last until Dec. 31.
    A special arrangement with shops of Gongguan Business Circle, especially for 2021, that when a visitor found in shops of Gongguan Business Circle gift box kanpan and take photo with it and DM it to FB curator of Taipei Water Park Fan Group, there will be 2 free ticket of Taipei Water park and further are the opportunity of winning lottery prize of Switch, ticket for spicy hot pot for two. Citizens are invited to celebrate Xmas and feel the happiness.

2021 Gongguan Xmas Season Information
◆ Period: 2021/11/26Fri-2021/12/31 (Fri.)
◆ Location of the Event: Taipei Water Park (No. 1, Siyuan Road, Zhongzheng Dist. Taipei City- Neighboring Yongfu Bridge.
◆Opening Hours during Xmas Season:
Tuesday through Thursday: 09:00~17:00 (Ticket available till 16:00
Friday through Sunday: Opening hours extended: 9:00~20:00 (ticket available till 19:00)
Monday: Day off, but if Monday is one of continuous holiday, the park still open)
◆Transportation: MRT Xindian Line- Stepping off at MRT Gongguan Station and walk out from No. 4 Exit and continue for 7 minutes in the direction of Siyuan Road and Tingzhou Road.
Details of the event will be announced subsequently and related information is available in FB fans group of Taipei Water Park or on website of Taipei Water Park.